“I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the Gencon All-in-1 that I bought earlier this week for my 11 month old Cocker Spaniel puppy called Buddy.

I have purchased every product under the sun since we got him in January that promised it would stop him pulling. but nothing has worked! He was coming home exhausted after attempting a walk and I was coming home in tears!!

The day it arrived I tried it out and couldn’t believe that almost immediately I could take him for a walk without us fighting against each other all the time. Four days later and him and I now look forward to going out
for a walk and just to see him trotting along beside me with his tail up instead of between his legs is testimony enough to show how much he likes it too.

A great product and so simple! How I wish I had come across it sooner because it could have saved Buddy and me a lot of heartache. I cannot recommend this product enough to anyone having the same problem as I did!

Buy it, try it, it works!!

Christine – October 2012

“I just wanted to say what a fab product the Gencon headcollar is. I bought one from you last week for my 20 month old Rottie bitch, Tiega, and it’s amazing!

Although Tiega’s not a bad ‘puller’ in general, she is a big powerful dog who, in a moment of excitement, can drag me towards a doggy friend (or other temptation) and I can’t do much about it!

Even though we successfully passed the bronze level Canine Good Citizen award recently with the use of a normal collar, I still wasn’t 100% confident of being able to keep her under close control in all circumstances – absolutely essential with this type of dog.

Having tried a halti briefly (she hated it) I had the Gencon recommended to me and chose the large size – perfect fit for a female Rottie. It only took the briefest of introductions in the house with a few treats and she was ready to go!

From the outset, it seemed to have a calming effect on her and she was very mindful of my commands to walk at heel, wait, sit, etc. I can carry the lead completely relaxed and if she moves forward the slightest flick of the wrist tightens the collar and she drops back. It’s incredible!

A cat sprang out in front of us as we walked today and she barely flinched! Normally I would have been dragged towards it. After a tiny correction we just carried on walking and I reinforced the “leave it” command.

This is a fabulous training tool! I’ve heard the expression “power steering for dogs” and that’s exactly what this is. It seems comfortable for her too – certainly she was able to carry home her twin pack of jumbones from the shop in her mouth as usual today with no issues, so her mouth is obviously not restricted in any way. Many thanks for this excellent product.”

Catherine – September 2012

Riley in his GENCON All in 1
Riley in his GENCON All in 1

"Hi Jo - thank you for the GENCON All in One which my husband purchased. I would like to say how pleased we are with it.

"We have an 18 month black Labrador - Riley - and have tried most items that are on the market to stop him pulling. The GENCON he readily accepted, it is so comfortable for him. You still have complete control over him and it is so easy to put on.

"I would recommend it to any dog owner. "

Andrea - March 2012

Tilly in her GENCON All in 1
Tilly in her GENCON All in 1

"Hi Jo - Arrived this morning and it's fantastic!

"I had been using a gentle trainer until today. Tilly walked no problem at all this afternoon on the GENCON All in 1 - best walk ever!!

"THANK YOU - I'll tell my friends.

"Thanks also for PDF guide."

Angie - January 2012

"I have received the order I placed with your company on SAT 07/01/12 and could not believe the speed it was delivered. My German Shepherd Dog, when taken for a walk would Pull For England and then I walked him with the Gencon fitted and the result was unbelievable - a totally different dog who walked to heel and saved me from having surgery to put my arm and shoulder back into socket. Thank you."

Gerald - January 2012

"Thank you for your prompt processing of my order. The gencon collar was delivered the following day. Fantastic service, thank you."

Louise - December 2011


"Thanks for turning our nightmare walks with our 6 month old GSD Jasper into a dream.

"We have tried ALL the other leads and harnesses. They don't work!

Yours does!"

Brian & Jasper - December 2011

"Thank you for your service. The Gencon is excellent. 5 minutes to read your booklet & 10 minutes to get the dogs to accept it on their heads and with 2 treats each and plenty of encouragement, it works.

"Can you please order me another one, this time in red and black, as the dogs are pestering me to have it on.

"Thanks to Joyce Hopper of The York City Dog Training school for highly recommending it to me. I can't believe how quickly the dogs accepted it. Look forward to receiving the second collar. Many thanks."

David - November 2011

"Great service and PDF eBook very useful for those new to Gencon.

"My dog is often walked off lead over fields with a flexi used to keep her safe when around livestock etc. she bounds around all over the place and spends a lot of time with her nose on the ground finding out what’s been going on.

"If I put the Gencon on she instantly changes the way she walks and knows at that point to stay close by me with her nose off the ground and concentrates on walking with me, much like an assistance dog on a harness would. A great product."

Mandy - July 2011


"Hi Jo - Just wanted to say a huge huge thank you for giving me the advice. I have been out on a walk several times and it is like a different dog.

"Also thanks for the speedy delivery of his new Gencon, it arrived in the post today.

"I would certainly recommend you to anyone - thank you."

Zoe & Dexter - June 2011


"Received Gencon and it is like a miracle cure LOL!

"I cannot believe it!! Thank you very, very much."

Steve & Max - June 2011


"Dear Jo - Just to say thank you for the Gencon All in one. It is really fantastic. I can now take my GSD - Eddie - for a walk without a struggle.

"I have tried nearly all the products on the market and this is the only one that has worked, to the extent that I actually have to look to see if he is still there as he sometimes walks with no pressure on it and me at all.

"He has pulled me over several times in the past. He is two and despite lots of training he finds it very difficult to focus when we do road walks as he is so interested in looking for cats, squirrels etc.

"I will definitely recommend to people - kind regards."

Jane & Eddie - November 2010

"Just wanted to let you know that the Gencon arrived yesterday. Also that it worked like magic.

"My dog Ziggy is a year old (cross tebetian terrier and hungarian pumi) and has always pulled and I have tried various collars and leads, none of which have worked.

"Ziggy's coat is rather long and the Gencon works extremely well as it does not move about and matt his coat like other leads and collars I have tried.

"I will definately recommend the gencon to anyone I know whose dog pulls.

"Thanks for a brilliant item. Best wishes."

Carol, Hadleigh

"Hi Jo! Just to let you know the Gencon is brilliant and Basil has stopped pulling! Thanks very much."

Lucy, Woodbridge

"Many thanks for the Gencon all-in-1. At long last my tall, very strong Jack Russell 'Tess' IS NOT pulling my arm off."

Rosalind, Porthcawl