Bringing you carefully picked products, we have our tried and trusted Gencon gentle leader range (All-In-One, Clip to Collar and Headcollar) ready for sale. Watch this space for new products being trialled as we speak; Lintbells Yumove and Yumega, the famous Kong Toy, Christmas stockings and night time dog safety gear to name but a few.

Animal Nanny’s success and reputation is branching out to include this online store. Our aim is to deliver the same efficient and fast response service as our sister site. The products are hand picked and chosen with your’s and your dog’s care in mind.

We will endeavour to give our customers products of an excellent standard and just in time for the fast approaching festive season.

One Comment

  1. Jenny 17 November 2010

    Hi Jo – Nice to see you’re branching out. I’m loving the Gencon, making it so much easier to walk Charlie at last!

    My friends dog used Yumove and noticed the difference within a few weeks.

    Lets catch up soon.