How To Use A Gencon

How Does It Work?

Form Two LoopsIt consists of two loops: one goes over the dog’s nose and the other goes over the dog’s head and round the neck.

When the dog pulls, both loops tighten, restricting the dog’s head. The dog backs off from the restriction, or in other words, he stops pulling! The action is from the side of the head and is very gentle.

To put the Gencon All-In-1 on your dog, follow these instructions:

  • Pull out to form two loops.
  • With the lead (containing the ring) in the left hand, hold both loops together.
  • Slip both loops over the dog’s nose – the loop with the ring on it should go over the nose first.
  • Leave one loop on the nose and slip the other loop over the dog’s head onto the neck.
  • Adjust the loops to fit and position the ‘stop’ to prevent loosening.

The GenCon All-In-1 is designed so that it will not pull up into your dog’s eyes or chafe the skin. It’s designed for walking your dog on your left side and is made out of a special, easy-to-handle 9/16″ webbing with rounded edges.